Wednesday, July 1, 2015

New Star Wars Lego 2015

The initial sets that took my eye was the "The Phantom" and "The Ghost". The reason I noticed these were because I hadn't seen these spaceships before. It turns out that they're featured in the new TV series - Star Wars: Rebels. Both ships include minifigures from the TV series, and both have a very unique look. "The Phantom" looks like a cross between a shuttle craft and cargo carrier. "The Phantom" looks like some sort of personal fighting craft, perhaps in a similar vein as the Millennium Falcon was to Han Solo in The Original Trilogy. I suppose all will be revealed later this month, as soon as the TV series premieres.

The following set I noticed was the Star Wars Snowspeeder, and this I almost purchased for my son. He loves Empire Strikes Back, and we have spent many an hour recreating the Battle of Hoth. This looks great, and I urge you to hunt it down if you're into original trilogy Lego sets. Additionally it is included with Luke Skywalker, Dak Raltor (his gunner), along with a Snowtrooper. The speeder has two spring-loaded missiles, and also a rear harpoon hook/blaster.

If you want to go the whole hog, the next set I wish to mention would be the AT-AT (All Terrain Armored Transport). This also looks like the genuine thing, and you can move the head, shoot missiles (again, spring-loaded), open up the side hatches and set up the trap door Luke uses to ultimately destroy these four-legged walking tanks. This set has five minifigures, of Imperial variety.

Next is the Imperial Star Destroyer. This is one you'll need a spare room to keep in! You can take off top to reveal the interior, including bridge, control room, and more. You get eight minifigures with this - Darth Vader, Imperial Officer, two Stormtroopers, Imperial Navy Trooper, Imperial Crew, plus two new and unique figures - an Emperor Palpatine Hologram and Mouse Droid.

If you really have money to burn, and a spare room to keep it in, next up is the Jawa Sandcrawler. This thing is large, and again, looks the part. It comes with a steering mechanism, working cranes, lowerable front ramp, raisable side panels and heaps more (even a speeder bike!). A true eye catcher, the Sandcrawler includes a wide variety of minifigure,s including Luke Skywalker, Uncle Lars, C3P-O, R2-D2, Jawas, and a few other droids.

The last two I came across were the B-wing, and Mos Eisley Cantina. The B-wing has a rotating cockpit (same as in the movies), adjustable wings, and spring-loaded missiles. Three minifigures come with the B-wing. The Mos Eisley Cantina set looks awesome, and is actually an excellent addition if you are also seeking to include some Original Trilogy characters to your current Lego collection. These include Luke Skywalker, Ben Kenobi, Han Solo (and Greedo - you get to decide who shoots first!), Cantina band, dewback and Sandtrooper.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Scrapbooking Ideas 2015

Some people underestimate the power of getting ideas, they view them as invaluable. On the other hand there are people who have gotten to know the advantages of getting ideas for their projects. They get the ideas and add them to their own creativity to produce something beautiful.

When it comes to scrapbooking getting ideas for your scrapes is very crucial in creating beautiful unique scrapbooks. In order to create unique scraps you have to come out with your own ideas and mix them with ideas you find else where. Below are some places where you can get some wonderful ideas.

1) People: There are people out there who like to share ideas with others who will do the same. As a scrapbooker you can go out to meet other scrapbookers and share your ideas together. The ideas you share will have you brainstorm other ideas that you never really thought of.

2) World Wide Web: The internet is a very useful place for getting all sort of information and ideas people can use. To get some scrapbooking ideas you can do a search online about "scrapbooking ideas". You will find a lot of websites that offer some free scrapbooking ideas. You will also have a look on other people scrapbooks to see how they make them. Some other websites also give advice on how to implement certain ideas so you can design your own scrapbook.

3) Magazines On Crafts: Another place to get some ideas is buying different types of craft magazines. Not only will these types of magazines give you scrapbooking ideas but you will also learn about other crafts. You will also learn about the things you shouldn't do when scrapbooking and the things you should do.

Here are the advantages of getting ideas.

1) You will be able to save a lot of money by that you won't have to buy the ideas since they are for free. And since you can getting them for free you can make some money by selling the unique scrapbooks you will be designing. You can start running you own scrapbooking business doing something you enjoy.

2) By looking up the free ideas you are helping your mind easily design new ideas without the hassle of thinking up a new theme every time you start on a new project. When you will be running a scrapbooking business having different ideas will help you create different projects every time.

In order to get the best out of your scrapbooking projects you have to mix the ideas got from the other sites with your own. These free ways of getting ideas is accessed by a lot of people so if you don't mix up the designs you can find your designs similar to other peoples scrapbooks.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

How would I safely ship scrapbook ?

Scrapbook preservation involves an awareness of the things that can go wrong when crafts are stored. Common types of damage to paper-crafts and even crafts made from sturdier materials can erase the hard work and effort that goes into creating mementos that should last a lifetime if not longer.

Damage risks involve the following.
1. Light's affects on photos.
Light can damage the quality of photo; the highest risk comes to the highly popular color photos option and there is less damage risk for the black and whites.

2. Light's affects on paper.
Light can damage the paper itself depending on the paper quality.

3. Heat's affects on paper.
Heat can damage the wave patterns and the colors on delicate craft paper.

4. Heat's affects on photos.
Both heat and light can damage the color quality and the gradients of photos.

5. Humidity's affects on metals.
Humidity can play a role in causing corrosion on metal crafting materials and certain trinkets used in crafting.

6. Humidity's affects on both paper and color.
High humidly can result in photo, color and paper damage as well.

Protecting Scrapbooks from Sunlight Damage

1. Remove scrapbooks from sunny spots like attics with incoming light.
2. Cover in cases.
3. Block sun from damaging colorful crafts with shades and strategically placed items.
4. Choose to place craft projects that don't involve paper and susceptible painted colors in sunny spots while placing sun sensitive paper-crafts in darker areas.

Protecting Paper from Heat Damage

Heat can damage paper and colors added to paper by fading the crafts and destroying the colored images and quality of the paper.

To protect paper-crafts from heat damage:
1. Regulate the temperature by storing paper-crafts in areas where heat is modified. Attics, again, are a concern
2. Consider running the air conditioner or exposing paper-crafts to breezes briefly to balance high heat conditions.
3.Choose colors and paper types which are resistant to heat, temperature and light damage.

Protecting Non Paper Crafts from Humidity

High humidity can contribute to corrosion on metal materials.

To balance out high humidity temperatures:

Protecting Images in Crafts from Heat and Temperature Damage

1. Use of protective covers can prevent melting and smudging of prints.
2. If they are prominently displayed, periodically removing them for temporary storage into boxes placed in safer areas is one option. Long term storage in cooler and more dry areas are safer bets. Areas where minimal or less intense light is present are also ideal.
3. Remove printed photo inclusive crafts from areas where intense heat or humidity or damp and humid conditions can occur, namely basements and bathrooms.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How To Buying Toy Online Safety

Shopping for a gift means making the time to go to the store, picking out the favourite toy for your child and carting it home. Unlike the regular store, online shops give you the luxury of shopping at any time. It can be late at night, during your work breaks or simply when you are free. This way you can take the time to browse through all the toys and gifts before making the right choice. The latest toys are remote controlled mechanical wonders. They are built to please. The amazing thing is that not only children but adults also love them as well. Toys and gadgets for kids include cars, helicopters, ride-on cars and bikes and even mini gaming arcades.

Hi tech gadgets-

Your kids unlike the past generation will appreciate gadgets that are hi tech and advanced. Battery powered bikes and cars are top of the list. The best way to be sure is to look up the latest in hi tech toys and gadgets for kids online. A quick search will tell you what's hot in the market. Some cool gadgets like the aquabot and the desktop vacuum cleaner and quite interesting and taking the market by storm. If gadgets are your thing, consider some friendly gadgets to make life easier. The mini moto limited edition bike is for kids who love bikes. They are built for teenagers above the age of fourteen. These make perfect gifts for your children on their birthday occasion.

Gadgets for your home-

iPods, home theatre speakers and headphones are great gadgets to use at home. An amazing home theatre or Hi Fi system is perfect. Phillips and Thompson are the more popular brands you can explore. While picking up toys and gadgets for kids on their birthdays, take a look at other electronics like cameras, camcorders or mobile phones and expect good deals while chopping online.

Terms and conditions-

Every product you buy online comes with certain terms and conditions like delivery, warranties, guarantees and other such things. Toys and gadgets for kids are very easy to find online. You can even compare the various kinds of gadgets that are available in market so that you can choose the best one for your kid. For the best gadget take a look at the online reviews for the product. Other toys and gadgets for kids include tablets, touch screen gloves and remote controlled boats.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Best Tips for Buying Safe and Adorable Toys for Kids

Playing with toys is an essential and the most important part of childhood. Every parent shower their kids with loads of toys, both cheap and expensive ones. Since there are numerous sellers in the market making and marketing toys, it becomes very tough for consumers to differentiate between safe and unsafe toys. It is very important to check the quality of the toys you are buying to make sure your kids are safe while playing with them.

Brief History

In olden days, children seem to play with anything they could find outdoors like pine cones, sticks and rocks. Some ancient literature suggests that kids did play with toys and games and the proof of this lay in the remains that were found in various sites. Miniature carts and whistle shaped like birds and toy animals were unearthed from the Indus Valley Civilization. During the 17th century games like blowing bubbles, jigsaw puzzle and rocking horse were invented. This is the same time when toys like hoops, spinning wheels, puppets, kites and toy wagons became very famous. Board games that were developed later on became very popular among both the kids and the adults as it offered a quality family time. At present, toys designed for kids offer both educational and entertainment value.

Buying Tips

Toys are categorized based on the age group. Colorful toys have a stimulating effect in a child's mind as they are growing up. There are several toys in the market that can be potentially harmful to kids of a certain age. Toys with removable parts should not be bought for toddlers since there is a good chance they might swallow those pieces. Lead paint in toys can also be harmful to kids as they have a habit putting everything in their mouth. Go for reputed toy manufacturers who have taken these factors into account and have been in this business for a long time.

Other Factors to Consider

If you have to buy toys with strings attached, just make sure that the length of the string is not too long since there is a risk of kids getting entangled in it. The toys should be well built with non-toxic materials. In order to make sure that you are not buying a product that has been withdrawn from the stores due to some issues, it is better to check the government's recall list. When you buy toys for your kids, always make it a point to buy only age-appropriate toys.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Free Stock Images Online

Free stock images companies abound on the internet: big ones, small ones, fat ones full of millions of images and thin ones that are just itching to collect images to put on their site. Even if these are not images that you want to buy, they may be entertaining to look at.

On these sites there are all kinds of amazing pictures to view. Cartoon pictures to make you laugh, Jessica Simpson pictures to make you gasp, a hot picture of ropey lava to entice you to a tropical island, product photography pictures to make you wonder if you really should have bought that Subaru with the heated seats versus that expensive shiny bike you've been eyeing.

Although some of the companies that sell stock images are large and the process of looking through all of the images might seem overwhelming, the sites offer quick, easy and painless ways for you to find just the picture you're looking for.

On the sites you will find a search tool where you input information about the image you are looking for. Here are some terms the search tool will ask you to fill in: category of picture like documentary, editorial or entertainment. Or you can input types of pictures you are looking for like "pictures of animals" or "money images" or any ridiculous term like "picture hunter" for kicks, just to see what pictures appear.

There are some amazing pictures on stock image sites. Riveting lion pictures where the photographer has captured the details of the inside of the animals mouth as he nibbles on his prey. Pictures of earth taken from a satellite above. These are so detailed you can identify whose car is parked in front of your house. There are also cool images of the Fonz with his entourage, and high heeled celebrities strutting in photography studios.

If you are a budding photographer these sites offer an educational experience. You can look at the professional photos and learn about composition, with a book to help you or a teacher. You can learn about lighting too. You can also learn from the amateur photos you'll see on these sites, from them you'll learn what not to do when taking a picture.

There are many stock image sites to choose from. Some just sell commercially. Before purchasing a piece of online art to use as a photo background or add to your photo album, it is important to know whether you want to buy it royalty-free or rights managed. This will determine how you will be able to use the art in the future. Enjoy looking at stock images on the online sites.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

How to Finding a Real Estate Coach

Just as the best athletes in sports have coaches, the best real estate professionals also have coaches. Coaches help provide the insight, methods, and even the systems you need to accomplish your goals. With so many different styles of coaching available to the real estate professional, how do you select the one that will get you to your goals?

Before deciding on which coach will help you, I invite you to consider what a coach can't do for you. Consider the following:

A coach can't make phone calls for you
A coach can't do your marketing for you
A coach can't make sure you show up to work on time
A coach can't check to see if you are following up on every lead
Often when speaking to real estate professionals their vision of a real estate coach is one that they will pay and all of their problems will go away enabling them to have a flood of business easily. This expectation often leads to disappointment after just one or two coaching sessions and the agent keeps joining different programs hoping the results will change (but they never do).

What to Look For In A Real Estate Coach

Although there are many real estate coaches out there, each one, has a specialty. Some are great with cold calling scripts, others are masters at direct response marketing, and still others are a combination of traditional marketing and internet marketing. With all of the options, which one do you select to invest your hard earned dollars?
Before researching coaches, take time to evaluate your needs as this will allow you to compare your needs to what the coaching programs offer. Consider asking yourself the following questions:

Will I get to speak to "THE" coach or someone else?
When you want to hit the highest levels of success you want to speak to someone who has been there. If you want to hit 20 million in production and you are speaking to someone who has only ever done 5 million and they are giving you advice, how come they couldn't follow their own advice?
Do I want systems or just coaching?
Some coaching is purely on the phone with the coach telling you what to do. They might tell you to send out a new postcard, run a new ad, etc, but what do you put on the postcard or ad? If you don't want to spend time figuring it all out, which can be very expensive, you might want to get into a coaching program that provides you templates for advertising so you don't have to guess on what works.
How much coaching do I need?
Consider how much coaching and accountability you need as the more coaching you need, the more expensive it can be. When you are great holding yourself accountable, then maybe you just need 1 call a month. When you need more help then consider a program that gives you more interaction and access to the coach.
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